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Able2Extract – PDF to word Converter App

Able2Extract – PDF to word Converter App for android and ios

Able2Extract – If you are looking for a trustable PDF to Converter App for iOS and Android smartphones to convert any PDF to Doc within few seconds than Able2Extract is the ultimate choice for you.

In today’s technology era maintaining the digital documents is the most essential part and having a good PDF converter is must. In our series of Best PDF to Word Apps for android and iOS, Able2Extract is the first and best PDF to Doc app for any user. Able2Extract Professional is the pioneer in the field of PDF to Word apps.

We are going to share a complete guide here into different sections so you will understand the use of this ultimate app completely.

Able2Extract – An Ultimate PDF to Word Converter

Able2Extract has been one of the leading PDF converters in this arena of digital document management. The latest version of Able2Extract Professional 10 is far improved from the previous version 9. It supports wider range of doc formats. Let’s find out what you will get in this converter and what are the features this app has for iOS and Android smartphones.

Well, as you already aware that Able2Extract is a PDF Converter that promises to excel. The best thing about this app is that it remains to be the incredibly wider options and it provides as long as your PDF Conversions are concerned.

This ultimate PDF converter will always make sure automatically that you will never lost a single information while converting the PDF docs to any other format that supported by Able2Extract PDF Converter.

You think and this PDF converter can do that for you, or this PDF to Doc App is able to convert your PDF file to any request format instantly.

If you are thinking that whether your format is supported by this app or not, than you can check out below conversions that supported by Able2Extract:

  • PDF to CSV
  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to PowerPoint
  • PDF to AutoCAD and
  • PDF to images

According to Able2Extract officials, it supports a total 12 formats that is huge number in front of any other formats. One of the unique and ultimate features of Able2Extract is – in our view is the ability to edit the PDF docs.

User Interface:

This app is made for Windows PC, Android and iOS based smartphones and one of the most important part of any app or software is User Interface also known as UI and Able2Extract UI is damn simple and easy to use by anyone who are new to convert PDF into Word docs.

The UI is quite intuitive and easy to understand and the UI is quite clean to use without any hustle. The steps are straight forward and much simplified. You don’t need any guide or something to learn the features.

PDF Conversion:

The realm of PDF conversion is where you will love this Able2Extract. The tool can literaly convert any PDF to more than 12 file formats, which is more than any other PDF conversion software on the market currently. It can convert PDF to word, Excel, CSV, AutoCAD, Image and OpenOffice formats with just one click.

PDF Editing:

Besides, PDF conversion, Able2Extract is also an expert PDF Editor. The PDF editing features are accessible from the editing panel on the right side. Once you open PDF, you can click on “Edit” button to enter the PDF Editing mode and you can add and delete the text file, merge and extract PDF and perform the editing operations.

PDF Creation:

Last of the primary features of Able2Extract is its extremely intuitive PDF creation. There are essentially two ways to create a PDF in Able2Exract. First one is by right-clicking any supported file and selecting “Open in Able2Extract 11”. This is the fastest way to create a PDF in general.

Able2Extract Pros & Cons:


  • You will get 7 days free trial and Fast conversion.
  • Very easy to use interface.
  • Too many output formats.


  • Limited number of text editing tools.
  • Little bit expensive.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for the best and powerful PDF editing tool, you can try this amazing PDF to Word Converter Able2Extract. Best part of this app is, you get 7 days trial. If you like this post then do share it with your friends and family.


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