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The documents files are usually PDF (Portable Data File) and word files. These two document formats are mostly used in the office as well as for personal use. However, the limitations of both are different. Which means that there are some cases when you need to PDF Convert to Word. There are situations where Word file is accepted or you may want PDF Convert to Word in order to do editing in your PDF files.

PDF Convert to Word usually happens to take the full control over the non-editable PDF file. The Portable Data File (PDF) documents are designing by keeping the view of the necessity of information sharing regardless of which hardware and software are used to open them. It is very clear that PDFs are not designed for editing purpose but nowadays it is possible to make PDF editable by converting them into Word format by using common methods on every platform either on Windows or MAC. The methods we are going to share will work for both windows platform as well as MAC operating system.

PDF Convert to Word Using Adobe Acrobat

The Adobe is the one who invented the PDF format so here you can use Adobe Acrobat utility application for PDF convert to word. The Adobe has a desktop as well as the web version. Both versions are compatible with cross platforms like windows, MAC, LINUX etc. This web app can convert PDF to Word, DOCX, RTF or even Excel and XLSX formats. For Conversion of PDF to word, you need the paid version of Adobe. The paid version also comes with the 30-day free trial version. It is one of the best ways to try out and see if it is worthy for you or not.

Here are the steps to follow for PDF convert to word.

Step # 1:

Open the file you want to convert into word format. As shown in the image.

PDF Convert to Word

Step # 2:

Select the PDF File which you want to convert into word.

PDF Convert to Word01

Step # 3:

Navigate to file and hover the mouse on Save as Option. Here you will see another side menu. Now move the cursor of your mouse on “Microsoft Word”. From next side menu click on “Word Document”.

PDF Convert to Word02

Step # 4 & 5:

Select the location on local drive where you wish to save the file and then click on Save Button. The converted file in word format will appear in the selected Folder after conversion.

PDF Convert to Word03PDF Convert to Word04

PDF Convert to Word Using a Website

Third parties software from unknown sources is not secure for the computers that are why using a web browser and a dedicated website for PDF Convert to Word is another best method to complete your task. This method is compatible with all platforms either on windows or Mac because you can access the web with an internet connection and browser in your machine anywhere anytime. No need to install any software for PDF to Word Conversion. But if you have critical data then this method is not recommended to you.

Here I am going to demonstrate PDF Online website. How to use for PDF convert to word.

Step # 1:

Go to the website:

Step # 2:

Click on Upload a file to convert and here you need to select the file you want to convert into word.

Convert PDF to Word Using Website

Step # 3: Choose the file and Hit Open

PDF Convert to Word using website 01

It will convert the file once uploaded. After that, you need to download the file from next window.

I hope this article will help you a lot for PDF Convert to Word for MAC as well as For Windows. If you know any other best method to convert pdf to word. Don’t hesitate to share it with us.



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