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SmartSoft Free PDF to Word Converter allows you convert PDF documents to Word in a quick and easy way. With SmartSoft PDF to Word Converter, you can easily convert any PDF file to the Word format (DOC), which is easier for you to handle and edit. The conversion process is super-fast, and the resulting document is an exactly same of the original PDF file.


Silent Features of SmartSoft Pdf Converter

SmartSoft Free PDF to Word Converter features a small preview window where you can have a look at the document you’re about to convert. According to the program’s documentation, you can convert more than one file at the same time, but this feature didn’t work for us. There are no other outstanding options and features, but with such an efficient, straightforward app you won’t probably miss it.

The only major disadvantage with this program is it cannot convert multiple PDFs at one time. Instead, you have to convert one, then choose another, and repeat the process until everything is in the required file format. On the other hand, it will convert every page within the PDF file that is chosen. Also, it is entirely free, and there is never an expiration date. It automatically updates and comes with free tech support. This one can actually be integrated into MS Office to allow for quick and painless conversions directly to your program, unlike many free converters. Its conversion is quick and accurate, and though relatively bare-bones, it does what it needs to with surprising accuracy and speed. Free PDF to Word Converter is the answer you’ve been searching for to finally change your PDF files to DOCs.

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How to use SmartSoft PDF to Word Convert

first of all you need to download Smart pdf to word converter

as you can Download SmartSoft Free Pdf Converter and this software which is used for pdf to word converter is quite simple and user-friendly. There you can achieve the required task with simple 2 steps.

Step No 1.

Add the pdf file you want to convert into pdf to any editable format to handle the documents efficiently. Select the output folder.

SmartSoft PDF to word Converter

Step No 2.

smartsoft converter step 2

Advantages of SmartSoft

  • Free Converts to HTML, DOC, JPEG, TIFF, XLS
  • No expiration date
  • Includes updates and tech support
  • Disadvantages
  • One document at a time
  • No configuration options

Final Words about SmartSoft pdf to Word Converter

Smart PDF converter is user-friendly and with 110% accuracy for PDF conversion technology. The software allows you to convert PDF documents into fully editable and searchable digital files. The product offers a very convenient interface that allows to do task related to pdf conversion easily.



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