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Since there are a thousand different formats available for every type of file, whether it be a written document, a video file, a picture or a software program, it is imperative that we have the right tools for conversion between such types. Otherwise we would have to resort to recreating the entire files in the desired formats.

Imagine copying word for the word a manuscript of a hundred thousand words; Not a very appealing task and not to mention, a monumental waste of time.

Why would we need to change the format of a file? Well, let’s say you have a document saved in PDF format and you wish to make some changes, you will realize that it is notoriously difficult to edit a PDF file. Furthermore a PDF file also requires a “reader” to open (Such as Adobe). Editing the document is much more simples in a Microsoft word file (.doc file)

To make it easier for this generation of procrastinators, we have prepared a list of some of the best, free Pdf to Word file convertors, currently available online, along with the links for downloading them.

PDF to Word Converter Free

Well, I suppose the name of this could not be more explicit which is why it is first on our list. The app is completely free and will convert any PDF file to a Word file format.

It is extremely easy to use. Simply click the file input field and a search your PDF file in the browser window that opens. Once it is entered, the program will do its trick and hand you the word file on a platter.

pdf to word converter for free

There are a few options available but the output is more or less always the same. Some users complain that the generated word file is not very neat and a bit disorganized with regard to the formatting. Well, what are you crying about. It’s a word file; exceptionally easy to edit. As long as you get the words in the right order into your word document, the rest is easy.

However, there are a bunch of irksome little prompts that keep popping up like a nosy neighbor, and often you will find that WebPages open up asking for donations on PayPal or likes on Facebook. Best to ignore these installation offers.

They also have a demo of their Pro version available in the installer and you can buy the full version by clicking on one of the numerous links that will show up.

PDF to Word Converter Free



PDF to Word Converter by Inc.

This is an iTunes app for Apple devices. It’s effective yet simple. You do not need to transfer the PDF file to your PC first.

PDF to Word Converter by Cometdocs free pc software

PDF to Word Converter by Cometdocs for free

The added feature of this app is that it doesn’t just convert the files on your phone but it is also capable of converting the files present in your Dropbox, your Google drive, OneDrive and also iCloud. This means there is no need to even download the file to your device’s internal storage.

The app requires an update of iOS 9.0 or higher and compatible with nearly all Apple devices. But best of all; it’s completely free.

There are a few In-App purchases available such as the Business extension for the select few individual or organizations who are looking for something a little more advanced

             Download PDF to Word Converter by Cometdocs             



PDF Element for Mac-For pdf to doc


This free PDF to Word app is specifically created for MacOS Sierra. PDFelement 6 is regarded as perhaps the most suitable app for this task with a neat and attractive interface

pdf to word converter

PDFelement for Mac


Along with scanned text, the app can also transfer images to word file due to its improved OCR. It also offers other helpful features like spellcheck so that your laziness is not interrupted.

There is password and permission protection in place for added data security.


PDF Converter Ultimate

An Improved and extended version of the PDF to Word convertor by Inc. This app allows you to convert the PDF file to a Word file as well as Excel, PowerPoint, JPG and others. You can also convert the file back to PDF once you’re done editing.

PDF to word Converter Ultimate

As with the previous one, you can also import the PDF file directly from iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox and Mail without downloading it.

This app is also free but offers a few in-app purchases should you need them.




Download PDF Converter Ultimate


PDF 2 DOC-Converter

The other apps on the list are available for download to be used offline but this one is an online app. The link takes you to the website where you select your desired option (PDF to DOC, PDF to DOCX, PDF to JPG, PDF to PNG and many more) and then upload the necessary files.


Download PDF2DOC

The conversion process may not be as quick as the offline apps but this is rather hassled free and saves you the trouble of having to download and install an app.The layout is as simple as can be and thus very easy to use. This is perhaps the best converter for converting a PDF file.

PDF to Word Converter Online

This one is also an online converter and an as good as any of the others.Users have praised this app for preserving the exact formatting of the PDF file after converting it. Unlike other apps which may introduce unnecessary spacing, line or paragraph breaks.

convert pdf into word

The PDF file can also be delivered to you online if you subscribe to their new feature available on the page.

Convert PDF to word online


Convert pdf word online by

This online app does not have as many options as the other one. It can convert your PDF files to DOC, DOCX and RTF. It has a large, tidy interface and is easy to use.

Free PDF to Convert online-free

Conver now free pdf to convert

The app is not completely free but they do provide a generous 14 days trial version which performs nearly all the tasks the full version does.


Convert pdf to doc by


As with all the others, It effectively converts the PDF files into word, more or less preserving the layout of the document.




The last one on the list is an app from Adobe itself. Their free trial is worth trying out.



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