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Free PDF to Word Converter Nitro Pro

Free PDF to Word Converter Nitro Pro is a desktop application which is used to convert to PDF to word.

Based on the daily routine tasks such utility application increase the productivity of human resources.

Nitro Pro is comprises of functionality which allows you to convert PDF into Word. The ultimate purpose of this software to make the portable data format (PDF) editable so that you can manage the content of Microsoft word purposely.

This Free SOFTWARE allows you to export the range of pages, whole files, or you can export the whole collection in the single thread.

Free PDF to Word Converter Nitro Pro

Why Nitro pro is Special to convert PDF to Word

free PDF to Word Converter Nitro Pro

Whenever I feel, I need to do something with the electronic format of documents the PDF Format,

most of the time I use Nitro pro. It has the powers of mostly alike the Adobe Acrobat but it is nice and easy to use means that user-friendly.

Download free pdf to word Nitro Pro Version from our software collection to have an efficient and fine conversion of PDF to DOC. Enjoy with me the Nitro Pro PDF to Word converter.

Get The Free PDF to Word Converter for PC, Android, Mac and IOS


To convert PDF to Microsoft Word

In order to convert pdf to word, you need to perform the following steps turn by turn.

  1. Go to the “Home Tab” of Nitro Pro, then navigate to the “convert group”, then you need to convert to the word click “To Word”.
  2. In Convert pdf to word window, there are multiple ways you can adopt anyone of the following.
    1. Under the Files for conversion section, click on Add Files and then browse to that specific location where files exit and select it in order to include it for conversion.
    2. Select the PDF file list then you can use to Move UP and Move Down options to reorder the documents, or you can remove the document from the list if don’t need.
    3. If you want to include all open PDF Documents check the check box to export all the open PDFs to word.
    4. You can select the layout of output in your desired form as well as the existing one.
    5. Under output section select the designated folder where you want to save the output files.
    6. If you want to open the file after conversion checked the check box of open after conversion.
    7. Click Convert now for the complete process of PDF to Word Conversion.

PDF to Word Converter Nitro Pro Golden Feature

There are many features of Nitro pro which I can be enlisted as the golden feature but among them, I think one of the features of Nitro Pro makes it unique.

Batch Processing

Nitro Pro is now able to perform processing with multiple files at once. It would be very handy. if you have a project where you required to do a lot of editing.

if you have a project where you required to do a lot of editing.

You can Find it Under Files Section > Batch Processing

Nitro Batch Processing

As you can see in above picture multiple operations are available to convert PDF to Word or Excel, make searchable, apply security in terms of the password and even though you are able to make your own process sequences.I directed it toward the folder which have non-searchable PDF.

Nitro Batch Processing Feature

Final Thoughts about Nitro Pro

As I described earlier if there is anything I need to do with PDFs my first and foremost preference is

Nitro Pro related to the PDF to Word Converter.

So what are you waiting for click on download button and Enjoy Free PFD to Word Converter  Nitro Pro.



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