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PDF Converter – PDF to Word Converter

PDF Converter – PDF to Word Converter app

It’s a simple pdf converter app function as a  PDF to Word Converter which allows us to convert our PDF document to convert into Word file and plenty of other files as well.

PDF to Word Converter is a conversion tool that allows us to convert files to other extensions from PDF document such as: Convert PDF to DOC, TXT, PPT, WORD, JPG, PNG, XLS and many others as well. PDF Converter can also be used as a PDF Reader and PDF Editor. You just have to choose the extension of your file, then choose an output format of your document and convert any document, and it is also perfect for generating  PowerPoint presentations and PDF jobs of several kinds.

PDF Converter – PDF Reader and  PDF Editor:

This PDF to Word  Converter makes the following conversions very easily :
Word file  into PDF document , Word to TXT file, PowerPoint presentation  to PDF, PPT to TXT file, PDF document  to Doc file, PDF document  to PowerPoint presentation, PDF document  to  XLS file , PDF file to TXT file, XLS file to PDF document, XLS file to TXT file, TXT file to PDF document, TXT file  to Word file , JPG image To PDF document , JPG image to PNG image, JPG image  to PPT , PNG image to PDF, PNG image to PPT, PNG image to JPG image, PDF document  to JPG  image, PDF document  to PNG document , PPT to JPG image, PPT to PNG image and many other conversions as well.

PDF Creator and PDF Editor – Features

With the use of built-in PDF document viewer and another document viewer you already have installed on your device.You can easily modify your files with the integration of Scanner App and its PDF editable editor as well. Now creating PDF document and then sharing them in the different formats that you want is really easy.

It has the below-mentioned features:

Document scanner

With the help of  Document Scanner, you can easily scan documents with the help of  Camera Scanner App also, which connects directly to the PDF document converter, you can also share your files from the scanner and can also convert them into any format you want.

Text recognition and document translator

by a direct function that can share your documents with the Camera Translator Scanner app, In this way you can also be able to recognize the text of the documents and one can translate the given text to any other language in the world. This app has more than 100 languages that are compatible with the translator function of the PDF Converter.

It is Ideal for working

As mentioned above  It can scan, can copy, translate and convert any photo, image, table, and graph of  Excel. It can also modify and convert your photos and can also change the extension to the desired format you want, and It can also send the finished converted document directly from the file converter.


Download PDF Converter


                         Download PDF Converter app


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pdf converter-best pdf to word converter app

if you are looking for any special tool or software for pdf to word conversion you can let us know below in comment section,this blog is really for you for free tools related to study.



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