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PDF to Word Converter Apps for Android & iOS [Top 10 List]

PDF to Word Converter Apps for Android & iOS [Top 10 List]

Are you using your android smartphone for your personal and office work then you must need PDF to Word Converter Apps for Android & iOS smartphone because sometimes, the client needs a word file to check out the quotation or you need a word file converted from PDF to submit your assignments and that time PDF to word converter android apps helps us a lot and do the task within seconds.

So why you are wasting your time on the computer when you can do the task of PDF to Word via Android apps that are FREE to use and can do these tasks immediately. Well, as of now this intro will fulfill your needs to understand what are your needs and why you need to have this article in your bookmark section of your browser.

PDF to Word Converter Apps for Android & iOS

Convert from Doc to PDF and PDF to Doc by software’s or online tools is the old thing now, now we can convert PDF to Word by Apps on our Android smartphones. Because most of the people using mobile devices to process their digital documents and digital terms on daily basis.

However, having different formats file means require a lot of different software’s and apps to open these docs. We all love to have the text on PDF because it is a stable file format that gives you the freedom to read text and images as they are.

These days there are plenty of apps where you can use them to view PDF on your mobile devices but what about converting them into PDF on your smartphone itself. Well, this is why today we are going to present this post in front of you.

Check out below top 10 free apps to convert PDF to your smartphone or tablet, for iOS and Android both. If you know some more apps expect them then we are happy to see your collection in the comment section below.

List of PDF to Doc Converter Apps for Android & iOS

Below we have listed out some of the best pdf to word apps for Android and iPhone so you guys can choose best for you among top 10 apps for pdf to doc on android and iOS for free. Let’s take a look at those apps so you can never think for top apps for pdf to doc converter.

#1. Able2Extract PDF Converter

Able2Extract PDF Converter is a free app that offers perfect features to create PDF docs from MS office docs. Not only this, you can also convert PDF files to PowerPoint, word, Excel in just two quick taps. Converted files can be saved on your smartphone storage so you can share and use them via other apps.

Download Able2Extract PDF Converter – iOS | Android

#2. File Converter

You can convert most of your files on your smartphone and tablet with this app. The conversion will be done with the secure cloud and all your file that are converted will be downloaded back to the app itself. FileConverter supports video, documents, audio, ebooks, images, and archives and over 100 other formats are supported in this single app.

Download File Converter: iOS |Android

#3. To PDF

To PDF is a free iPad app that converts iWorks and MS Office docs, web pages, images, emails, contacts, and SMS as well as Clipboard content into PDF formats. So you are not only able to convert PDF to Word but can also convert Dropbox content into PDF format too. Besides, that you are also able to use more features like annotate, organize and share PDF files instantly.

Download To PDF – iOS

#4. iFiles Converter Lite

iFiles Converter Lite helps you to convert docs to PDF direct by your iPhone or iPad. You can import files from your online storage outlets like DropBox, Google Drive or other cloud storage apps. It supports formats like MS office docs, iWorks Docs, HTML pages, Pictures and Text Files.

Download iFiles Converter Lite – iOS

#5. DocAS Lite

DocAS Lite is the all in one PDF application that allows users to read, convert, annotate, and manage PDF docs right on your iPad. It comes with built-in PDF converter that converts MS Office docs, iWorks docs, HTML and Text Format to PDF.

Download DocAS Lite – iOS

#6. Doc Scan

Are you looking for converting a hard copy into PDF? Doc Scan turns your hard copy docs into PDF format via your iPhone or iPad devices. Simply take a picture of your doc that you want to convert and scan it with the Doc Scan and it will convert the image into a high-resolution PDF file that can be converted into word file later via other above apps.

Download Doc Scan – iOS


#7. DocToPDF

DocToPDF is an Android app that helps to convert the doc, docx, xls, xlsx, rtf, and txt file formats to PDF. You can then share the converted PDF files via email or Bluetooth. There’s also a built-in PDF reader that lets you to view and check the PDF file that you converts.

Download DocToPDF: Android

#8. Office Converter

If you are looking for the PDF to Word Converter Apps that converts your MS Office docs on your android phone then you need to take a look at Office Converter. It converts your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files formats to PDF docs. However, your converting process will be done online so an internet connection is must. You can also add password protection to your converted PDF files.

Download Office Converter: Android

#9. Web to PDF

Web to PDF is not an app because it an easy to use add-on for the Dolphin Browser that allows you to convert any webpage to PDF file, view or share it anytime.

Download Web to PDF: Android

#10. Total PDF Converter

Total PDF Converter is a light-weight app that helps users to convert any document into a PDF file. It converts the files on a server and converted PDF files will be saved on your SD card storage in the Download folder itself.

Download Total PDF Converter: iOS

Final Verdicts:

We hope you found this post useful for converting PDF to Word and the all of the apps for Android and iOS will be helpful for all our valuable users. If you like this article then we need only one share from you. Still, have any query then drop them in the comment section below.


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