10 monitors to telework from home

Since the declaration of the state of alarm last March due to Covid-19, teleworking has been established in many sectors and economic activities. Thus, tools such as those dedicated to videoconferencing have become popular and necessary. However, and to guarantee the maximum productivity of users in their homes, it is important to have good computer equipment that meets this need. This is the case, for example, of monitors : either because the person has to renew the old model of their desktop computer, or because they have a laptop and need a screen to work with the one they feel most comfortable with.

In this article, 10 models have been selected. The Acer UT241Y device allows you to move on its surface with your fingers thanks to its tactile sensitivity. Meanwhile, the UHD 4K AOC U32E2N screen has been provided with different technologies that minimize eye fatigue, a characteristic practically generalized in the rest of the proposals. The case of the Asus ZenScreen MB16AC monitor is special, as is the case with the Samsung Smart Monitor M7 product. While the first acts as an auxiliary monitor of 15.6 inches and 780 grams, the second is part of a new generation of monitors that stands out for its connectivity for PC and mobile, as well as for incorporating a digital training center.

For its part, BenQ GW2480T includes technologies designed to meet the needs of people with a lack of sensitivity to green and red colors. Dell also participates with its product UltraSharp U2421HE which at the connectivity level welcomes the USB class C connection as other selected proposals such as the HP EliteDisplay E273m screen with integrated webcam and certified by Skype for Business; the Lenovo Q24h-10 that sports a sophisticated design; or the LG Ergo 32UN880, a 4K UHD proposal equipped with a very versatile ergonomic arm. Its resolution is shared with the Philips 279C9 which has a size of 27 inches.

These are the 10 monitors to telework from home

Acer UT241Y

It is a 23.8-inch, Full HD resolution touchmonitor with VGA, HDMI and USB 3.1 Type-C connectivity.

The monitor with which the Taiwanese company Acer participates includes a feature that it does not share with any other model in this article. It reacts to the touch of your fingers when they touch its surface, so scrolling through menus across the screen can be much easier. Even when opening and closing documents, or expanding the viewing area to comfortably consult any data that is needed. As an additional feature, its developers have opted for a sensor technology thanks to which the interpretation of various touch gestures is allowed, making this navigation and interaction even easier.

With a sober design of straight lines that adapts perfectly to any workspace, it shows a strong and durable structure. In this sense, it is striking the presence of a double hinge mechanism that helps the user to tilt the monitor until reaching the angle with which they feel most comfortable when working (this angle of inclination oscillates between a fork that goes from -3º to 88º).

In the meantime, and so that the sight is protected during working hours, the screen has been provided, like other proposals in its category, with two technologies that take care of the health of the eyes and reduce possible discomforts such as eye fatigue. The first suppresses the flicker of the monitor (Flickerless) and the second, called BlueLightShield, works by adjusting the brightness and hue to minimize the exposure of the blue light emitted by the monitor when it is turned on.

The Acer UT241Y screen, which has a size of 23.8 inches and 1,920 x 1,080 pixels of resolution, makes good use of the so-called ‘borderless design’ that has become so popular in recent times. Equipped with IPS technology and good viewing angles (178º), the image quality is good. As an extra feature, the manufacturer has chosen a special coating that, according to it, guarantees its operation in all lighting conditions by repelling fingerprints and minimizing reflections.

The audio section is made up of two two-watt speakers. Meanwhile, its connectivity options include a VGA port, another HDMI and a USB 3.1 type C. It is compatible, on the other hand, with the VESA mounting system, in the event that the user decides to place it on the wall.

Manufacturer: Acer

Price: 299.90 euros


Frameless design on three sides, integrated speakers and technologies that reduce eye strain. This is what this 31.5-inch 4K UHD display offers.

The Taiwanese multinational has selected for this article its U32E2N monitor, presented last September. It is a 31.5-inch, 3,840 x 2,160 (4K UHD) pixel resolution VA panel that scales to 140 ppi pixel density to deliver high image quality. With a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a native contrast ratio of 2,500: 1, it achieves a brightness of 350 nits that helps to display these contents with a high degree of detail if the space where the user is located is a well-lit environment . Also contributing to this visual quality is its panel creating deeper blacks and high contrast so that images are not only brighter but more vivid.

Meanwhile, to reduce eye strain and headaches, for example a consequence of prolonged exposure, its developers have opted for the ‘Low Light Blue’ mode: it is a technology, made up of a set of filters, which reduces the short wavelength which is harmful to the eyes. This is complemented by another technology that respects the eyes and that allows the eyes to feel ‘more comfortable’: Flicker-Free (without blinking). Specifically, the latter applies a DC backlight panel that lowers flickering light levels.

The design of the AOC U32E2N monitor, which has dimensions of 522.81 x 714.82 x 253.81 mm if you count the removable base on which it rests, joins the trend of frameless designs. Specifically, it is applied to the lateral and upper margins so that the feeling of spaciousness is even greater when working. Its support is tiltable and there is the option of a VESA mount.

At the connectivity level, we discovered that it has a DisplayPort interface and two HDMI 2.0. Also a headphone output that comes in handy to avoid disturbing people who are in the same room or to concentrate on work much better if, for example, we are going to connect to a video conference through one of the many collaboration solutions that exist. In the box where the monitor comes, there is an HDMI cable and another DisplayPort, each 1.8 meters long. The loudspeaker system consists of two loudspeakers with three watts of power each.

Manufacturer: AOC

Price: 429 euros

Asus ZenScreen MB16AC

It is not a normal monitor, but an auxiliary screen with Full HD quality that can be placed in a vertical or horizontal position.

The range of monitors owned by the Taiwanese Asus is very diverse. Inside it, you will find a series of portable monitors belonging to its ZenScreen series. They are characterized by their easy configuration, the possibility of being used in different spaces and have a versatile and compact design (in the case of not having enough space, it is appreciated). The ZenScreen MB16AC screen belongs to this group: the idea is to offer an auxiliary monitor that only weighs 780 grams and sports a thin profile that stands at 8 mm.

Its size is 15.6 inches and its resolution is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels per inch.

Its developers have opted for a hybrid connectivity solution that allows it to support transmission of power and video at the same time, being used through a single cable with those laptops with a USB port of class C and type A also thanks to the driver that comes installed.

This Asus ZenScreen MB16AC also has a software called DisplayWidget that enhances its ease of use. The reason? It can detect its orientation automatically and switch between its portrait and landscape modes. The former is recommended for web pages, books, and documents. Meanwhile, the second is ideal for working with Excel documents and presentations.

To use it, a driver must be downloaded and it is only compatible with the Windows platform. Selecting between one position or another is easier and safer thanks to the folding cover that comes in its box and that protects the monitor from scratches and dust to ensure greater durability and resistance. Another detail to take into account is that the design of this ZenScreen monitor incorporates a small hole in its lower right corner in which a pen can be inserted to keep the monitor upright in the same way.

We conclude the ‘x-ray’ of this proposal by focusing on technologies that improve long-term exposure and, therefore, reduce eye fatigue after several hours of use. On the one hand, it has the anti-flicker certification granted by TÜV Rheinland laboratories, a leading and well-known global provider of technical and safety certifications. On the other, it incorporates a technology in charge of filtering blue light: it is made up of four filters and each one corresponds to a level (they are accessed through the screen menu of the device itself).

Manufacturer: Asus

Price: 269 ​​euros

BenQ GW2480T

The feature that makes this Full HD monitor different from the rest is that it has a special color mode for color blind people.

Pays special attention to eye care and health. In this regard, the most striking feature is that it provides a mode baptized with the name of ‘Color Weakness’: thanks to it, people who have deficiencies related to the display of colors can customize the amount of red or green shown on the screen through some filters. In this way, and when these tones have been neutralized, it is possible to guarantee a more comfortable viewing because users distinguish the different colors clearly. There is also the option to adjust the level of this color weakness mode to help people with protanopia (lack of sensitivity to red color) or deuteranopia (lack of sensitivity to green color) enjoy the best user experience. possible.

The ‘Color Weakness’ mode is part of a set of technologies that BenQ brings together around the ‘eye care’ concept with a triple objective: to guarantee safety in the workplace, increase safety and ensure the best comfort. These technologies are Brightness Intelligence which, for example, enhances dark areas to maintain clear visibility and controls ambient light from the viewing environment to actively adjust monitor brightness; Low Blue Light, which fights eye irritation and fatigue; and Flicker-Free, which eliminates flickering to prevent damage to your eyes.

BenQ GW2480T, with a 23.8-inch diagonal and Full HD resolution, shares with other monitors a frameless design, ultra-thin bezels and a thin profile. It also incorporates an engraving texture that resists fine scratches. It can look much better this way, and its daily durability and strength are enhanced.

It offers, in another order of things, LED backlighting and IPS technology, as well as 178º left-right and up-down viewing angles that in both cases are correct to work leaving good impressions. To its two integrated speakers of one watt of power, we must add an audio input and a headphone jack. The connectivity section is covered with the following options: DisplayPort, HDMI input and D-Sub.

A couple more data before finalizing. The first, that the monitor is adjustable in height to favor its autonomy. The second, which comes with an HDMI cable.

Manufacturer: BenQ

Price: 159 euros

Dell UltraSharp U2421HE

This 23.8-inch Full HD monitor with anti-glare coating has been equipped with the following physical connections: USB-C, HDMI and two DisplayPorts. With a screen size of 23.8 inches and 1,920 x 1,080 pixels of resolution, this screen sports a virtually borderless design that the American firm refers to as the InfinityEdge. It has also been provided with a profile of thin thickness, a compact base on which the entire structure sits and a slot for the laying of the cables that keeps them out of sight. Meanwhile, the USB downstream ports, one of them with power charging, make it easier for the user to access what they need. Another detail that improves its ergonomics is that the screen can be pivoted, tilted and rotated. Also adjust its height to the position that is most comfortable to work; Since the hinge is located on the riser, the position facilitates adjustments without the need to change the location of this element.

Regarding the quality of the images, Dell’s proposal incorporates an IPS panel and comes, on the other hand, factory calibrated with 99% sRGB coverage and Delta-E precision of less than 2: these specifics promise accurate tones. In the same way, it has been recognized with the TÜV certification and its ComfortView function reduces the blue light emissions emitted by this class of computing devices.

Its connectivity options include (among others) DisplayPort and a USB-C port, making it possible to charge the connected laptop with a power surge of up to 65 watts. With the always-on power function, your computer can also continue to charge even when the monitor is turned off.

In a different vein, and to ensure maximum productivity, the Easy Organizing feature of Dell Display Manager (the Windows application that manages a display or display group) makes it easy for the user to quickly organize and view applications in parallel – in the case of having one or more monitors connected – for superior multitasking efficiency. Another highlight is its automatic restore function. This means that the monitor has memory and remembers, so applications will return to where they left off even after unplugging.

Finally, indicate that the presence of direct access keys makes it easier to save time because the screen management configuration is completed earlier so that you can start working right away.

Manufacturer: Dell

Price: 309.60 euros

HP EliteDisplay E273m

It has received the Skype for Business certification, it is adjustable in height for greater comfort and its audio has been adjusted by the Bang & Olufsen firm. The HP EliteDisplay E273m is a work-from-home monitor that incorporates a 27-inch anti-glare IPS screen with LED backlighting and a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 dpi. With a three-sided micro-edge bezel and four adjustment capabilities, it helps the user find the most comfortable and productive position for them with adaptive pan and tilt. Also at a height adjustment of up to 150mm. In the case of using more than one screen, it is possible to use the rotation of the axis to customize both the horizontal and vertical views.

HP’s proposal has been certified, on the other hand, by Skype for Business. This popular service, which is part of the Office 365 product suite, is ideal for staying connected and communicating with co-workers and its tools include video calls, instant messaging and voice calls, among other features. It also provides a webcam equipped with an HD sensor, a microphone and the audio has been adjusted by experts from the well-known Danish firm Bang & Olufsen, highlighting the quality of the monitor in this section.

As for the rest of the features, it is worth mentioning the option of adjusting the screen quickly and precisely according to the needs and the way of working of each user thanks to the HP Display Assistant software. Thus, this program allows the ‘partition’ of the screen or the option of saving multiple configurations of the same in files that are called ‘presets’. The color can also be adjusted. As all display settings are controlled by software, the need for manual display controls (OSD) on the monitor itself is eliminated.

What are the physical connections that the North American proposal supports? A DisplayPort 1.2 and another HDMI are added to its VGA interface; The latter two are also compliant with the HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) specification. To these ports we must add another three more: two are compatible with USB 3.0 and the third is a USB class C that supports a power supply of up to 15 watts. In the box where this HP EliteDisplay E273m is sold, along with the power cable, a VGA cable, another DisplayPort 1.2 and a USB type C to cable A cable are included.

Manufacturer: HP

Price: 301.29 euros

Lenovo Q24h-10

With a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 dpi, it displays an elegant and sophisticated design in gray that fits in all kinds of spaces.

From the hand of Lenovo comes this monitor that perfectly meets the needs of those people who telecommute from home. The Q24h-10 model has a design that is elegant thanks to its gray finish. In addition, it conveys a feeling of durability and resistance if one looks at the finishes and materials it presents.

In this first contact, on the other hand, the small base that is located under the screen itself draws attention, which in turn is ideal for, for example, placing a mini PC and having the desk completely clear. job. In the upper right part of this base there is a mechanism in the form of an extendable arm that is the one that communicates it with the monitor; a most original detail.

The use made of the side and upper frames is good, a characteristic that in recent times the firms have worked very well, as well as the thin-thickness profiles that their proposals show off. As a result, the feeling is that the screen size is slightly larger than 23.8 inches. Meanwhile, its QHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 dpi) leaves a good impression when working, consulting a presentation or browsing a report or any other file. Printing that is extended to audiovisual content, since the levels of contrast, brightness, intensity or color reproduction are correct. In addition to being anti-glare, the Lenovo screen incorporates eye protection,

If from the point of image quality the Q24h-10 monitor leaves a good feeling, the same happens with the audio thanks to the integration of a pair of speakers of three watts of power each. The sound section is completed with a 3.5 mm audio output that is located behind the device, where the rest of its available physical connections are located. The most noteworthy are: a USB type C interface compatible with the 3.1 standard, an HDMI 1.4 socket and two USB 3.0 class A ports, one of them with a battery charging system included. In the lower right corner of the screen, there are buttons that facilitate adjustments according to the needs of each person.

Manufacturer: Lenovo

Price: 299.99

LG Ergo 32UN880

It offers 4K UHD quality (3840 x 2160 dpi), structure adjustable to our needs, HDR 10 and class C USB connectivity, among other features. The LG Ergo 32UN880 monitor has been designed with the following criteria in mind: ergonomics, workspace, ease of installation and connectivity. In this regard, the convenience of use of the device helps to create a personalized workstation. Thus, its ability to extend and retract up to 80 °, swivel up to 280 °, height up to 133 mm, pivot 90 ° and tilt up to 25 ° allow it to adapt to eye level so that the user adopts a posture as natural as possible.

Regarding its screen size and image quality, it should be noted that the model leaves a diagonal of 31.5 inches and a 4K UHD resolution (3,840 X 2,160 resolution pixels); anti-glare treatment; LED backlight technology; and an IPS panel with a brightness of 350 cd / m² that, in addition to providing optimal visual comfort, reduces color changes from different angles. On the other hand, other equally important or key characteristics contribute to this image quality in this type of screen. This is the case of the DCI-P3 color standard or the HDR 10 (High Dynamic Range) technology standard that gives images greater realism. Its creators provide, in the same way, different image modes such as, for example, custom, vivid, HDR effect and even

These attributes are completed with other qualities also of interest. They are: anti-flicker protection (FlickerSafe), Color Weakness color assistant, Dynamic Action Sync technology that reduces latency or BlackStabilizer technology (black stabilizer).

The monitor of the Korean firm is not only prepared for professional needs due to its ergonomics or image quality. Its compact design and easy installation help the worker to use the desktop to its full capacity and thus make it more organized, neat and clean. This is accomplished with a single USB Type-C cable (60 watt charging power) that conveniently provides fast data transfer and power to charge your laptop. To this connection, a DisplayPort 1.4 port, two HDMI connections compatible with version 2.0 and another two USB A 3.0 are added. The speaker system delivers a power of five watts and the headphone output is located at the rear.

Manufacturer: LG

Price: 699 euros

Philips 279C9

It stands out for its connectivity options (USB type C port included) and incorporates a base with a system that allows it to be adjusted to our needs. The first thing that catches the attention of this proposal, with a size of 27 inches, is its ‘Zero Bezel’ design that by eliminating the surrounding frames helps to provide an ‘expansive’ image. Second is the proposed cable management: its simple design helps keep the workspace neat and uncluttered.

The Philips 279C9 monitor also stands out for scaling to an UltraClear 4K UHD resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 dpi, being focused on very diverse professional profiles such as users who work with 3D graphics applications and CAD solutions, among other examples. With 178º viewing angles, its IPS panel provides sharp images with vivid colors that are ideal for photography, film and navigation as well as professional applications that demand precision of color and brightness. On the other hand, its VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification promises a large and complete palette of tones that will enrich the vision with deeper and more nuanced blacks; global darkening; and peak brightness up to 400 nits.

Considering that we are already used to working with different connected devices, ports are therefore a fundamental characteristic. Within this section, the most outstanding thing is that it offers a class C USB connector with power supply (65 watts) included, a feature that it shares with other selected monitors; therefore, it is possible to transfer data and recharge the laptop at a high speed. It also has two HDMI interfaces, another DisplayPort and four USB 3.2 ports. This ensures that all the devices needed to work are perfectly connected, with the added benefit of enjoying smart and orderly cable management that avoids clutter as discussed above.

The company’s team of engineers and developers has taken into account, as you might expect, the comfort of use that your monitor offers and the need to reduce eye fatigue. What does it all translate into? On the one hand, its base or SmartErgoBase proposes a system of inclination, rotation, adjustable height and pivot that not only provides the greatest possible flexibility. Also an ergonomic comfort that makes it easy to position as needed. On the other hand, and to calm physical tensions, specifically those related to sight, the monitor also has the ‘Low Blue Light’ mode and Flicker-Free technology; features it has in common with other screens in this article.

Manufacturer: Philips

Price: 529 euros

Samsung Smart Monitor M7

Smart monitor provided with both mobile and PC connectivity, as well as an entertainment center similar to the Samsung Smart TV platform. Work, learning and entertainment. These three concepts are the basis around which Samsung has developed its latest proposal in monitors recently presented. It will be available in two versions: a 32-inch version that supports ultra high definition resolution (M7 version) and another that supports Full HD (M5 version) with two screen sizes to choose from: 27 or 32 inches.

Powered by Tizen, the Korean Linux-based mobile operating system, Smart Monitor stands out for integrating Wi-Fi 5 technology. What does this wireless connectivity imply? That the monitor can operate Microsoft 365 applications (subscription required) on its own without the need for a PC connection, allowing users to view, edit, and save cloud documents directly from the screen itself. Also, this remote access allows people to access files from a PC or view content from a laptop remotely. This connectivity is completed, in the case of the M7 model, with a Type-C USB port that -in addition to keeping the surrounding area tidy and clean- guarantees data, display and power (up to 65 watts) with a single connection.

In a different vein, and to make viewing as comfortable as possible, the manufacturer has chosen a technology for eye care. It’s Adaptive Picture: it optimizes image quality for any viewing environment by automatically adjusting the brightness and color temperature based on room conditions. Added to this technology is a special protection mode that reduces blue light.

This monitor even doubles as an entertainment center with the added ability to access OTT content with Samsung’s Smart Hub platform. Thus, the monitor’s application store allows the user to enjoy their favorite content, including Netflix, HBO and YouTube, even without a connection to a PC or mobile device. The content can be accessed thanks to its remote control, which includes hot keys to the streaming service, and an integrated two-channel speaker. The monitor can be controlled by voice thanks to the integration of the virtual assistant Bixby.

Manufacturer: Samsung

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