Madrid, digital hub of southern Europe

Interxion has presented in a virtual press conference “Madrid, digital hub of southern Europe”, its second edition of the report that analyzes investments in digital infrastructure in the last two years, the impact on GDP and employment for the region, and what are the steps to follow to consolidate it as a digital hub in southern Europe. 

In 2018, a study was presented on the impact of Data Centers on the Economy, which led to the birth of the Madrid Hub Digital concept. Well, in its day a total of 1M euros was detected in investment in the Data center, with an effect on GDP of between 9 and 12 M euros.

“Our economy is becoming more digital and the volume of data is growing. We want Spain to be a pole of attraction for digital infrastructures and a data node. From the Secretary of State we support the initiative for Spain to be the gateway for connectivity in Europe, because digitization can be hampered if there is no quality access ”, says Mr. Roberto Sánchez, Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures.

Interxion: Madrid, digital hub of southern Europe

Since the previous 2018 report, the following fundamental changes have been observed: the large public cloud providers have opted for Madrid and Spain to expand their infrastructures, which is why cross-border interconnections have been reinforced with new submarine cables.

The capacity of data center providers has been increased in the face of increased demand, as we must remember that Brexit has taken place, which translates into a redistribution of investments.

Madrid, digital hub of southern Europe

In addition, the pandemic has produced an acceleration in the digital transformation of the economy. Just taking into account the investment announced by the colocation providers in the Madrid region, we would be facing a cumulative figure of 680 million euros1 over the next five years. This would mean adding 8,283 million euros to Madrid’s GDP2 and the creation of 2,4892 jobs.

Wich is the way to go 

The Madrid Hub DigitalTM is an initiative in which the company has been working for more than two years with the aim of positioning Madrid and Spain as a digital business hub in southern Europe, placing the region at the level of Frankfurt, London and Amsterdam. 

To consolidate the position of Madrid and Spain as a digital hub, the report includes a series of recommendations grouped into three main blocks: 

  • Energy, involving the electricity sector and promoting renewable energy.
  • Public administration, streamlining licenses, with a single window and promoting the Madrid Hub Digita l.
  • Digital economy, promoting talent in areas of technological demand and supporting entrepreneurship and the creation of Star-ups.

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