New updates for Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe has introduced new features and updates to all Creative Cloud video and audio tools that improve speed, flexibility, and continuous collaboration so users can work faster.

 A new subtitles workflow has been introduced in Premiere Pro , for quickly adding, customizing, and styling captions and subtitles. These new workflows will be further accelerated with Speech to Text capabilities later this year.
For its part, After Effects has included the rendering of several frames, in beta testing phase, in order to ensure that all users see improvements in the performance of their system.

The value of Adobe Creative Cloud for After Effect

Premiere Pro users will be able to access thousands of Adobe Stock videos, music, and Motion Graphics templates right in the application, or using After Effects and Photoshop to create their own magic. The March release introduces:

  • New Motion Graphics templates on Adobe Stock: Dozens of new Motion Graphics templates with media replacement now available on Adobe Stock
  • Insert Recording Mode in Audition allows users to insert new recordings anywhere in an audio file, advancing existing audio without having to manually cut a separate audio segment.
  • Fair language updates and reference images across apps better respect user diversity.
  • Public Beta : To test and provide feedback on multi-frame rendering in After Effects and other new features, currently in Public Beta.
The new Render Queue for After Effects 

The new Render Queue in After Effects has been redesigned for multi-frame rendering. Now you can see the average frame rendering time and the number of simultaneous frames. In addition, it offers a new three-color progress bar:

  • Exported frames (blue)
  • Frames ready to be exported or already cached (dark green)
  • Frames currently being processed (light green)

New updates for Adobe Creative Cloud

The test project is a 17-second composition that uses 31 effects and takes between 10 and 35 minutes to export in single-frame rendering mode, depending on the system.

New updates 

  • Real-time 3D draft preview in After Effects gives users immediate feedback on 3D designs in the Comp panel so they can make creative decisions faster and iterate through designs more easily.
  • 3D ground plane in After Effects  helps designers orient their designs in space by providing a horizon line, vanishing point, and snap grid to precisely position and align objects.
  • More efficient composition toolbar in After Effects is more logically organized and presents tools contextually, based on the current task.
  • Faster Warp Stabilizer  in Premiere Pro and After Effects- Optimized analysis provides 4x speed gain to reduce camera shake in UHD images.
  • Multi-Frame Rendering in After Effects (Public Beta)  provides up to 300% faster rendering when exporting multi-core CPU compositions.

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