The importance of sustainability in the ICT world

The sustainability is becoming an important element in making business decisions when purchasing any product or ICT solution service. In fact, one of the characteristics of the Next Generation EU funds combines two elements: digitization and sustainability.

ICT plays an increasingly important role in this paragraph and have been working in this area: reducing consumption, reuse of packaging, product design taking as reference sustainability … For businesses, also the commitment to sustainable technology  to them It means an increase in productivity, a reduction in costs and, not least, a better valuation as a brand.

ICTs play an increasingly important role in this section and have been working on sustainability for years

For this reason, to see what are the main trends and strategies of companies as well as the offer of the main manufacturers and developers, next Wednesday March 24, Byte TI organizes a meeting in which we will address the importance of sustainability in the ICT world and where it is evolving and that will have the participation of Microsoft, HP and Plain Concepts

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